Easily secure & book a first rate, highly qualified accompanist to rehearse & play for you or your child's music exam.

Lindsay Evernden

Senior Music Teacher (London) 1987-2010
Senior Music Education Leader (London) 2011-2020
Senior Music Leadership Coach 2021

Director's Message

A VERY WARM WELCOME to the site where you can easily and quickly book a first rate, highly qualified accompanist to rehearse and play for you or your child’s music exam.

As an experienced music educator, I realise the utmost importance of ensuring that you or your child are fully confident to perform at the music grade exam or in any other environment. Being confident will allow you to enjoy the musical experience and will, in turn, enable you to play at the very best standard you can, giving you the best possible outcome!

The chances are that you, or your young musician, have been practising hard and so therefore deserve to give the best performance you possibly can on the day. So this is where ‘Piano Accompany Me’ can help!

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After your initial enquiry on the site, one of our dedicated specialist piano players will contact you to arrange a mutually suitable time to rehearse your pieces. It is very important that you feel comfortable with the supporting piano part and are familiar with all your rests and entries. Once you are confident with how YOUR SOLO LINE fits in with the piano part, this will allow you to concentrate on making your performance come to life and be as musical as possible. If for any reason, you would like extra rehearsals then this can certainly be arranged with the accompanist. Our accompanists are also happy to liaise with your instrumental teacher if you so wish, on any aspects of technique and so forth.



Your dedicated accompanist will meet you at the exam centre beforehand in order to have a final play through and will ensure that you are tuned correctly to the piano. They will also support you or your young musician with any last minute panics because as experienced teachers and performers they will understand that you will be a little nervous. This is absolutely normal and some adrenalin running through the body can actually help you to focus on your performance!

Once called by the exam administrator, you will go into the exam with the accompanist, announce the pieces and then off you go…………BEST OF LUCK !


Customer Feedback


Thank you for all your lovely playing today…. The accompanist service is particularly valuable to people like me, and I have had some stressful times trying to find pianists in the past, Catriona, Violin Teacher, South London

 My brief session with Miho was over too soon. It was an enjoyable and rewarding experience, Simon, North London

Musical Services: Now Also Online


rehearsal and accompaniment at any grade exam (1-8) or diploma level


rehearsals leading up to the exam


rehearsal and accompaniment for festivals and competitions


rehearsal and accompaniment for college or university auditions


performances at events such as soirées and parties


rehearsals and performances for school or college choirs


dance rehearsals and shows


bespoke* backing tracks for your exam

*play your exam piece to our tutor and we will produce a very high quality track for your exam piece, specially tailored to your musical needs and requirements which will support and enhance your playing.


arrangements and transpositions carried out for any instrument / ensemble group

Lead Accompanists

The accompanists on the panel are highly skilled musicians who have worked with me in London and have a substantial portfolio in accompanying, teaching and performing.

They are vetted and checked and hold an enhanced DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service check).

Miho Sanou

BMus, PGDip, MMus, LRAM

Richard Norris

Dip.ABRSM, MMus, Ph.D

Sessions & Pricing


Grades 1-4 (per exam)

Rehearsal: £20
Practical Exam: £30
(up to 30 mins prior to exam)

Grades 5-6 (per exam)

Rehearsal: £30
Practical Exam: £40
(up to 45 mins prior to exam)

Grades 7-8 (per exam)

Rehearsal: £40
Practical Exam: £60
(up to 1 hour prior to exam)

Diplomas (per exam)

Rehearsal: £40 per hour as required
Practical Exam: £100

Festivals & Competitions

£50 for a single-piece performance plus £40 per hour rehearsal time. Full recitals to be quoted independently


per audition
Rehearsal(s): £40 per hour

Education & Performance

School or College Choir

£40 per hour

Stand-alone/extra rehearsals

£50 per hour

Dance Lessons

£40 per hour

Booking & Contact

We are happy to take bookings over the phone and via email.

We will also happily offer advice and guidance if required.

Please contact Lindsay, the Director using the details below for further information.

   07730 406472